About Us

Colour Chrome was formed by myself, Kevin Holland, and my partner Gillie King from an idea that we could provide cost effective, bespoke and professional website photography for all small businesses. Our remit is to use natural light as much as possible, with a relaxed atmosphere and a little humour to bring out a natural look.


You have worked very hard over many years to make your business a success, we can tailor make images of the products and services that you offer stand out, on today’s, and future’s shop window - The Internet.


We can visit you on site to discuss your ideas for promoting your business - all you need to do is make contact by phone or e-mail via our contact page, and remember all journeys start with a first step!

The Technical Stuff 

We use Nikon cameras, with a range of Nikon, Sigma and Tamron lenses to provide Macro (close up) pictures to show immense detail and very shallow depth of field and perspective. Right through to Ultra wide angle lenses to give, if you pardon the pun, the bigger picture with detail across the the whole image, and exaggerated perspective if required